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At Pro Action Martial Arts, we foster a community in our school that begins with our parents and instructors. Students are not just students, but part of an extended family. We believe that a positive support system at home, school and the dojang provide an important framework for our young students to build on that will take them beyond what they learn on the mat into their everyday life. That means goal setting, life skills, leadership and commitment, among others.


Why martial arts?

People ask all the time-why would someone do martial arts? Yes, there are lots of sports available, but martial arts is inclusive of all fitness levels, body types and we even have had many students with physical and learning challenges. We pride ourself on opening our doors to students of all ages. We have entire families training together and earning their black belts. We have had many practitioners with missing limbs, in wheelchairs or blind. There are many in our ranks who are in their 70's and 80's! Don't let your age or current ability stop you from achieving your goals. Our instructors will modify any workout or activity so you remain safe.



Goal Setting

Let us assist you in helping your child or even yourself in setting personal goals. An integral part of our curriculum includes life skills training for younger students. If you have a fitness goal or even a personal one, we will be happy to assist you and your family in achieving them.

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